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The School Software that makes work easy for everyone

Schoolzy makes things easy for everyone. School owners/administrators can run their business with peace of mind. Teachers become more effective. Students gain access to instant result and assistance. Parents can keep track of their child's academic and attendance records
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Structural Management

Manage every aspect of your school structure with pecision. Create and manage sessions, terms, classes, class groups, subjects. It's like having your whole school in your palm.

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Elearning & Testing (CBT)

Full support for online learning with sharing of lesson materials, management of curriculum and lesson notes, video sharing and streaming, and complete computer-based testing (CBT).

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Online Registrations & Payments

Handle registration of students, parents and teachers seemlessly and manage the data with ease. Accept payment and issue receipts online without stress.

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Ultimate Class Assistant

Now your teachers will get to enjoy their jobs as they wake up each day with reminders and organized notifications of their daily activities. With the help of assistive tools in the system, students and teachers find learning to be fun.

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Daily Accounting

Don't call anybody to know your financial stands, just log in. Schoolzy gives you real time analysis of your daily, weekly, quarterly income and expenses as they happen. Accounting and accountability just got easier with Schoolzy.

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Events and Notifications

Announce your upcoming events with ease and the stroke of a button to students, parents, teachers, etc. Get real time feedback from stakeholders on issues requiring attention.

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Online Results

With Schoolzy, results are accessible from anywhere in the world as soon as they are published by the school. Prepare results faster and make parents fall in love with your school over and over.

As a school administrator

Maintain an administrative oversight of what is happening in your school. With one click of the button you have access to revenue generation data, pupil and staff attendance, assignments and home works and academic progress. Simply put, you can run your school from anywhere.

Form a closeness with your staff, students and parents that is only possible through a digitally linked platform. You can share ideas and messages with parents through notifications and personal messages. With Schoolzy, your school is like a family working together to achieve a vision.

Have complete control over who can access the platform and what they can do on the platform. You have the total access and control of all the module of the platform.


As a classroom teacher or a school finance officer

Teachers create and give home works, holiday projects; upload termly scores and result and take class attendance by simply using the platform. Schoolzy comes with built-in facilities to design and create class timetable. Teachers and students wake up each day to the notifications of their scheduled classes.

Finance Officers (referred to as Accountants by the platform) have their work of daily book keeping simplified for them. Create fees, fee items (like tissue, brooms, etc) assign to section, Receive payments and generate receipts..


As a parent or a student

Parents can access their child's progress in school. Get notification of their attendances. See what assignments they were given. See their child's result online.

Students can see their assignments and home works; check their results when ready and access their class timetable and online courses.


Power your school with reliable technology

Without technology, you can accomplish a lot in due time; but with technology, there is no limit to how much you can accomplish in the shortest amount of time. That's why we built Schoolzy for you and your school.

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Running a school can be stressful, time-consuming, strenuous and often prone to mistakes. Let's make it easy for you. Schoolzy uses latest application technology in education to simplify the whole process of running your school. Start today.

Pricing - billed to suit your budget

Schoolzy is fairly priced and there are several adoption methods with different payment structures. Reach out a sales staff to discuss which method and pricing structure best suits you. Call (+234)8063409307 or (+234)8127870201). or schedule a call by sending us your phone number and when you will like us to call you, to any of the phone numbers listed.